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Night Nannies

A Night Nanny or a Newborn Care Specialist is a childcare professional that works overnight shifts after the baby(ies) arrives home from the hospital to support and reassure parents and help prevent sleep deprivation.  Night Nannies may also perform light housework that pertains to the baby: including washing bottles and breast pump equipment, preparing  bottles and helping with the baby laundry.  A Night Nanny works 8-12 hours/night, often between the hours of 7pm-7am; they can be hired for up to 7 nights an week and for up to 6 months depending on how much or little a family needs. We do not require you to use us for a contracted length of time,

New Borns

Newborn Consultation

A Newborn Consultation is an in-home visit before or after the birth of the baby(ies). We help prents determine what supplies and equipment may or may not be helpful in the care of their infant(s). This can include but is not limited to nursery set-up, crib and rocker selections or help with selecting and organizing feeding and changing areas.  Parents can use a field professional to help select items such as diaper pail, diapers, bottles, pumps, stroller, car seat equipment or any other items that might be helpful for parents and useful when caring for a new infant.

After birth, we can help teach you feeding and burping techniques, swaddling, cord care and basic infant care. We are there to answer any questions that you might have pertaining to your new infant(s). This also includes multiples care and tips.

Sleep Consultation

If your baby is waking up multiple times during the night or is having trouble getting onto a good sleeping routine,  a sleep consultation can help!

A Sleep Consultation is an in-home visit where we come into your home and the infants environment, to provide families with solutions to sleep problems that include:

    • Napping and feeding routines
    • Infants habits
    • Strategies for falling asleep
    • Getting the baby to sleep through the night


Night Nannies for NewbornsDenver's very own baby whisperer! Jena Riley Gonzalez has been working with new and growing families in Denver since 1998; Jena owns and manages Night Nannies for Newborns which has been providing the greater Metro-Denver area experienced, compassionate day and night nannies since 2001.

For more information: www.NightNannies.org Browse Ruwix, the portal dedicated to puzzle programs and tutorials.