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We believe that physical fitness comes from a variety of physical activities; that no single exercise is right for every person and that no-body should be doing just one type of exercise.  Advanced certifications and licensure along with years of experience in working with women-specific fitness and movement means that our fitness experts listen, watch and work with each individual body to develop both short and long term plans for building strength and sustaining health.  No-matter the life-stage or fitness level, this is a place where you can achieve the milestones that you are striving for; if your milestone involves sharing the journey with another milestone seeker such as a spouce or friend, we'll make sure that each achievement is... twice as nice!


Our Space

Our space is intimate and inviting. Our fitness and movement services are offered as private or partnered (with a spouce or friend). Our movement room houses all the equipment needed to reach any milestone; we have a Pilates Reformer with tower, low chair and many additional Pilates accessories; we have weights, resistance bands,Yoga essentials, exercise balls and more.

Our Fitness & Movement

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Pilates is for everyone and when used to it's fullest potential can enhance every aspect of one's life. Optimal results are achieved by using a combination of the Pilates reformer and mat, low chair, tower, half barrel, resistance bands and balls; there are over 500 exercises in the Pilates repertoire. Each piece of Pilates equipment offers unique qualities to the movement, with 35 years experience in health and fitness Kelly has an exceptional ability to observe the female body and intuitively know how to improve balance, strength and functional movement. Well versed in using the clinical applications of Pilates to restore strength following injury or illness; Kelly uses Plantar Stabilization Assessment and a breadth of other movement assesment techniques to facilitate rehabilitation.

Private Pilates

Programs are customized for each student to reach their own personal goals and facilitate optimal vitality. Sessions are tailored to the client’s abilities and preferences at the time of their session, combining appropriate movements and techniques geared toward gradual, lasting change. Each session follows the cues that the client’s body communicates on that day.

Prenatal Pilates

Pilates will help to strengthen core muscles, reduce back pain, tone the pelvic floor, improve balance, and build awareness in relaxing and controlling breath, which is important for labor and birth. Kelly's extensive training in anatomy and rehabilitation combined with a deep understanding of all stages of pregnancy has provided the framework for her to safely guide women through their first and subsequent pregnancies. 

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Personal Training

A combination of education, experience and passion for healing and health is what sets Body Ally personal training apart. To ensure long-term results we focus on optimal form and function in every session. Tools such as Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screening, corrective exercises and modifications for Diastasis Recti are used to ensure that each person is doing what is best for their body. Our training is personal and our students are individuals. Their interests in fitness modalities such as resistance training, Yoga, Mat Pilates and interval training are used to reach personal goals such as maintaining a healthy pregnancy, acquiring weight loss or gain and restoring strength postpartum, post injury or post illness.

Private Session

  • Start or build a home workout program
  • Develop a workout that is diastasis-safe (following a 6 week healing program)
  • Build workouts that are enjoyable and that meet the  physical and functional changes of a pregnant or newly postpartum body
  • Strength-training workouts focused on form and proper alignment
  • Measurement updates to track progress

Prenatal Training

Exercise during pregnancy is good for you AND your baby. With benefits extending through your pregnancy, delivery and into postpartum recovery. Each workout will be designed to meet the needs of your changing body. With multiple modalities to choose from, Brooke will help you find an exercise routine that you enjoy. Each 60 minute session will include a written workout that you can do on your own.

Private Yoga

The practice of Yoga promotes optimal health by bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit. Yoga supports, and can even transform, the body in its many phases of life.  Brooke’s teaching is inspired by her study of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara and Iyengar Yoga. With these personal Yoga sessions you can grow your practice in any areas of your choice, including: asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), sadhana (daily spiritual practice) and meditation.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Bring your little one for a fun bonding experience while gaining the benefits of Yoga for your postnatal body. These sessions include postures that aid in baby’s digestion, sleep, brain development and more. Plus, postures to aid your body in healing and strengthening. Suggested for pre-walkers.


Yoga for Everyone

The practice of Yoga is accessible to everyone. Brooke uses the modalities of Yoga to support and transform the body and mind. Sessions will be customized to your needs and can include asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

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Meet the Businesses

Kelly Athey Brook Lewis

Kelly Athey

Kelly Athey is a gifted teacher who understands the uniqueness of each student. With 35 years of health and fitness experience Kelly listens, watches and works with each body to design programs that reach goals and facilitate optimal vitality.  A seasoned professional, Kelly spent 10 years in a clinical practice working among a skilled group of western and eastern trained doctors and movement experts, making her comprehensive approach to Pilates instruction unique!

Body Ally

Brooke graduated the University of Colorado Boulder with a business degree in 2000. Since 2005 Brooke has obtained certifications in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Science, Weight Management, Prenatal Exercise, Diastasis Rehab, Yoga Teacher training followed by Prenatal Yoga Teacher training and recently Functional Movement Screen Level 2 CFMS. She is the founder and owner of Body Ally where she offers Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga to assist women in reaching their physical and emotional goals through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. Brooke is married and has two little boys who rock her world.