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Diastasis Rehab

It may not be a weight loss issue! This is a condition that is common in pregnancy, and is widely seen in women during the reproductive years and following.  It can also occur in children as well as women and men of all ages.  It is never too late to close a diastasis and there are non-surgical solutions to healing  it!  Improving health and vitality from the inside out means that education, healing and using fitness modifications to keep a diastasis healed are foundational elements in our community.   

Diastasis Recti

Definition of Diastasis Recti

Diastasis means seperation; a diastasis recti is the sepration of the conective tissue that hold the abdominal muscles (the recti) on either side of the belly botton in place.  

Over time the seperation causes the connective tissue to become weak and inefficitive at holding the abdominal muscles in place for proper daily use and function; among the many important functions of the recti is lumbar errection (moving from a forward bend at the hip to an upright standing position) and keeping the intestinal organs protected and in place.  The daily uses are too many to list here but a few include sneezing, coughing, pushing during a bowel movment and laughing. 

Symptoms of a Diastasis Recti

If you experience... 

• Regular back pain
• Being mistaken for an expecting mom, when you are not
• Bloating with food or beverage intake
• A mummy tummy that worsens as the day goes on 
• A mummy tummy despite being reasonably fit elsewhere
• Urine or gas leaking with daily activities or exercise
• An outie belly button
• An umbilical hernia
It is very likely that you have a diastasis recti.

Free Belly Check

We offer a free initial belly checks. This 10-minute check determines if you have diastasis recti (seperation); the width and condition of the connective tissue are recorded and resources for healing a diastasis are provided.

The Tupler Technique®

We have chosen to use the Tupler Technique® to heal diastasis recti because it is the only research-based exercise program proven to effectively treat a diastasis recti. We are currently the only licensed providers of the Tupler Technique® in Colorado. 

Click to read more on the Tupler Technique® www.diastasisrehab.com

We offer a variety of programs to best fit your life-stage, individual personality, lifestyle and budget. The Tupler Technique® programs offer a 3-hour educational seminar that include belly checks, splint measuring and fitting, overview of program steps with exercises facilitated by a licensed Tupler Technique® professional.


Click the "read more" bottons below to go directly to our Cooperative Member Site: Partner In Diastasis Rehab www.PIDR.net

Tupler Technique® Everybelly®

The Everybelly® program is for any woman or man with a diastasis.

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Tupler Technique® Perfect Pushing®

The Perfect Pushing® program is for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

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Parters In Diastasis Rehab

Regina Rodriguez and Brooke Lewis are excited to bring Diastasis Recti awareness, education and rehab to the communities of Denver, CO.  Partner’s In Diastasis Rehab is a practice where the partnership focuses on educating medical and lay professionals on the latest risks, symptoms and research available on diastasis as well as teach assessment and rehab options for the condition.  Additionally, each partner is a Licensed Trainer of the Tupler Technique® program; a non-surgical solution to healing diastasis recti.  Together Regina and Brooke offer a full breadth of services aimed at creating sustained wellness for women in all life stages, from clinical massage to fitness training including Tupler Technique® seminars and workshops.

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