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Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Western Scientific Medicine, where treatments involve a variety of methods to get you better and track your overall health and progress.  Acupuncture treatment methods utilize the 12 primary meridians or channels affecting all of the organ systems of the body; while motor and trigger point treatments act directly on specific neuromuscular junctions of the musculoskeletal system.  Acupuncture is one of many methods used when treating headaches, migraines, sprains and strains, digestive issues, menstrual disorders, fertility concerns, menopausal concerns, stress, emotional imbalances or encouraging labor.  Its effective for both acute and chronic conditions.


Initial Examination

This is a thorough body systems review for investigating illness type conditions, trauma related conditions and acute or chronic musculo-skeletal pain.  It may involve passive and active range of motion, postural assessment and muscle strength testing. This session includes your first examination and treatment, along with a report of findings (ROF) to set a baseline for your treatment outcomes and progress up to date.  The ROF is carefully explained to you at your follow-up treatment within 3-5 days after the initial examination.  

Report of Findings

The report of findings (ROF) is generated after every exam and re-exam to demonstrate the progress of your treatment outcomes.  Its a summarized report of your health history, examination findings, diagnosis, treatment plan, prognosis and includes costs associated with your treatment plan.  The ROF is included with any exam or re-exam.  

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Acupuncture with Adjunct Therapy

Western Scientific Medicine (WSM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) body systems and auricular diagnosis are used to guide treatments for acute and chronic concerns. Integrating acupuncture with adjunct therapies like electro-stimulation, tui na massage, kinesio taping, topical herbal medicine, internal herbal medicine, meditation, passive stretching techniques and therapeutic exercises allows you to experience less pain, increased range of motion in joints and increased strength to specific muscle groups.  These outcomes speed healing and offer longer lasting results.  Adjunct therapies are often part of a treatment strategy that correlates with an individual ROF, but they can also be scheduled as a stand-alone session to addresses a specific need; such as labor encouragement, energy balancing, nausea or travel recovery.

Tui Na Massage and Bodywork

Tui Na uses a variety of hand and elbow massage techniques to stimulate acupressure points along the energy pathways of the body (also known as meridians or channel pathways). Acupressure points are the same as acupuncture points but instead of using acupuncture, acupressure is applied to them in a variety of different ways . Tui Na means "to push and to pull."  It often involves stretching techniques aimed at restoring normal range of motion, creating space in the joints, freeing up obstruction and alleviating pain. Tui Na can be applied as an adjunct therapy during an acupuncture treatment or as a stand-alone session as needed.  

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Acupuncture Tips

Always come to your appointments hydrated and well nourished.  Make sure to wear or bring comfortable clothes that will allow your body to move through a normal, unrestricted range of motion.

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Brandon Drouillard

BD Acupuncture

Brandon Drouillard L.Ac. is the founder of ColoradoHsing-i.com

Brandon Drouillard, L.Ac. has a Master of Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine degree from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and is a Diplomate in Acupuncture under the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is currently an associate professor and sports acupuncture clinic supervisor at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder and has been staff or faculty at The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Institute of Bio-energetic Medicine, Anthem College and The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Brandon has been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years, is a certified martial arts instructor under the Shen Lung Tang Shou Tao Association; Shrfu Drouillard is a Kung Fu Master.