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"It's not about what it is,

it's about what it can become"

The Lorax, on the potential of a single seed


For over twenty years we've been inspired by women in all forms.  Our community of seasoned practitioners are specialized in the areas of women-centered health, pre and postnatal pain management, rehabilitation, fitness and education;  we also welcome and support spouses and family into many areas of our community.  Our massage clinic however remains the only area within our community that is exclusively for women. 

Acupuncture | Clinical Massage | Diastasis Rehab | Pilates |
Functional Assessments | Night Nannies

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Helpful Tips

We currently do not use receptionist support in our office; as a result (unless special circumstances exist), we humbly request the following:

  • That all services be scheduled through our online booking tool.
  • Email us at Office@HarmonysFamily.com add URGENT: Massage (or desired service title) and your message will be returned promptly.
  • Arrive no sooner than 10 minutes prior to a scheduled session, as your practitioner may be in a prior session.  
  •  Come to all sessions pre-hydrated with at least 60 oz of fluid intake over the previous 24hr period.  This is especially important for pregnant and nursing women.
  • Reschedule your service if you've experienced cold or flu-like symptoms within the previous 5 days. Safety is our first priority and conditions such as pregnancy, chronic inflamation or fatigue can required rescheduling for safety when cold symptoms are present or the immune system is compromised.  
  • Bring completed intake form to your session; or email up to 48hrs prior to your scheduled session.
  • Get discount with Monthly Membership or Prompt Payment Package.

     See a full list of  Service Descriptions

Download the Online Booking Tool

To download go to your App Store and search Vagaro; download.  Once downloaded put Harmony's Family Cooperative in the search bar of the App; click on the business once it appears, then add a bookmark so that the App opens to the HFC online booking tool.  From here you can schedule, reschedule or cancel any appointment within a 24hr period. 

Online Booking

We are happy to offer a 24/7 online booking tool that allows you to schedule anytime or anywhere that is convenient to you!       

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