Specialized in prenatal massage, prenatal pilates and diastasis rehab

Inspired by Women

and their families

Our Continuum

We were born out of a love for supporting women during pregnancy.  Though our community of seasoned practitioners are specialized in the areas of women-centered health, rehabilitation, fitness and education; we are dedicated to enriching the lives of families. Partners and children are welcome to participate within many areas of our community!

Our Inspiration

We are INSPIRED BY WOMEN...single, partnered, pregnant, nursing, menopausal, young in years  or young at heart, in elite condition or rehabilitating from injury or illness.

It is our fundamental belief that a woman's body is as dynamic, complex and unique as her mind and spirit, and that her health and vitality is central to the flow of any home, organization or community.

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Who We Serve

We serve women in all life stages; we specalize in the reproductive years.   

We serve partnerships; husbands and fathers are treated in most areas of our community.

We serve family; some services are explicitly for new or growing families and others welcome small children as part of a treatment. 

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Who We Are

We are a small interconnected community of highly-specialized local businesses that practice in harmony and collaboration, under one roof.

We are women, men, parents, partners and individuals within the communities that we serve; as health and education professionals we strive to enhance quality of life, quality of care, continuity, convenience and accessibility for families and referring sources alike.

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Thank you for your interest in our community.  We currently do not use receptionist support.  Phone calls are returned after hours and on days that practitioners are scheduled in the office (time permitting).  

Phone: 303.839.1993

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Hours of Operation
Monday–Saturday, We are available by appointment only.

201 University Boulevard, Suite 206/207  
Denver, CO 80206
Proudly a Small Business of Denver, Colorado

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